Food Issues

Grrr… already feeling frustrated by my 35 x 35, and it’s only the second day!

Why do I eat (or OVER-eat)?

Feeling: Bored. Stressed. Tired. Anxious. Depressed.

Times: Late-night. Alone. Driving. Running errands.

Foods: Sweets. Salty. Fattening

I’ve got to do better. Today wasn’t HORRIBLE, but it wasn’t great. Everything was fine until we went to pizza with my parents. RANCH DRESSING. GARLIC CHEESE BREAD (the best around!!). PIZZA. So if that wasn’t bad enough, then I drive to my photo class and had Twizzlers (in my car) & cookies (bought after I HAD to stop because of a bathroom EMERGENCY.

Feeling very discouraged right now. Today would have been a great day but for after 5pm.

All I can do now is do better tomorrow!

Next step: add in exercise (when this DAMN rain stops!)


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