Well, there is no way I will lose 35×35, because I haven’t done ANYTHING since I started this thing. But, I started out right again today.

My brother paid for a year membership @ the gym for me. Nothing like a little guilt to help me feel more motivated!

So I went today– I am going to be so SORE! My legs are all weak right now when I first take a step and each time I sit they feel like they are going to give out on me. I can’t imagine what they are going to be like tomorrow. I had a free session with a trainer & he kicked my butt. I want to try to see how I can swing seeing a trainer regularly, because that will definitely help with my motivation and progress.

So, I’m back & doing it for real this time. Let’s see if I can at least be taking the right steps towards healthy by my 35th birthday– in 6 weeks. That will be my new 35 x 35 goal.

The numbers:

    weight= 264

    BMI= 40.8

    body fat= 45%


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