Sunday: without judgement

<Not Judging, Not Judging>…. that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m just going to publish my food intake, without judgement. <NOT Judging>… After all, this day is still better than any of my pre-getting healthy days. I can still do better, and I plan to. Once this becomes a habit, then I’m going to add computing the calories.



  1. 3 doughnuts!! (Ahhh, I don’t know why dh bought the extras and left them on the counter & then reprimanded me when I ate 1. So of course, I had to eat the other 2 when he left! Yeah, that will show him)
  2. coffee & cream


  1. 2 string cheese
  2. sliced turkey
  3. humus & tortilla chips


  1. avocado (whole)
  2. 2 pizza

dessert/late snack:

  1. trail mix (too much! probably 7-8 servings!)
  2. fiber 1 cereal, dry

Exercise:  gym– 30+ min cardio,  legs SUPER sore from yesterday’s w/o with Rudy.

Water: excellent. I also didn’t have ANY soda! Whoohoo!

Energy: Pretty good. Baby was up a lot the previous night. I was very sore. But I WANTED to go to the gym. Felt very tired after first 15 minutes, but finished another 15. Felt good when I got home, energized, actually. Went and did some errands, but my LEGS, OH MY LEGS! The soreness increased as I was walking around Target to the point where it wasn’t even fun. Didn’t run any other of my errands. Took a nap when I got home. Felt better after, but dh had got pizza. I was starving, so I just ate it. Stayed up too late– 12:30!

Hypno-tapes: listened to 2, 1 & 2 while I napped.

Household: did kids’ laundry. UGH, rest of house was a mess!!

Budget/money: For not enjoying shopping at Target, I still managed to spend over $60! Although, $30 was for an ipod arm holder & new ear buds– that will help with my exercising: holding the ipod was a pain, and the earbuds I had kept popping out– A LOT!! I think I have small ear-holes or something, VERY ANNOYING. Plus, another $17 was because I accidentally bought an extra set of earbuds, so those will go back.

Parenting: 3  Good with baby. Very little to do with big kids. Tried to pawn off DD’s project on DH… but he slacked too, she needs to be pushed! Now this week going to have to really ramp it up. Ugh. I hate school projects!!


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