Better Day


  • Breakfast:   2eggs+2egg whites, low-glyc cinn toast, 1 coffee & creamer
  • Snack: string cheese, turkey
  • Lunch: flatbread turkey sandwich (ched cheese, turkey, Dijon must, no bacon) from Target, some popcorn
  • Snack: EVIL trailmix (too much again, 1/4 of the bag)
  • snack #2: humus & tortilla chips
  • Dinner: hamburger helper & edamame

Exercise:  Did 2 laps at walking pace in the am. Legs are still EXTREMELY sore.

Water: Good. Very proud of myself for not getting diet soda @ Target. Yeah Me!!!

Energy: Good in the morning and early afternoon. Crashed again 3ish. Possibly from NO afternoon caffeine??? I did nap for 1.5 hrs. Felt MUCH better after.

Hypno tapes:listened to Emotional Eating one during nap. I don’t think I’m an emotional eater any longer. I’m a compulsive eater. I have a hard time feeling emotions and I don’t really eat because of them. It is more of a “I’m going to eat this WHOLE bag of trail mix because I can and it feels good when I’m doing it.” It really feels like I can’t stop when I start eating. I don’t want to. I HAVE to finish it. So that was an interesting realization today. SCORE 1 good thing from the nap!

Household: 1 load of laundry. Picked up everything. Feather dusted family. Cleaned kitchen sink & dishes. Fixed vacuum, but did not use it yet. Cooked DINNER! It may have only been Hamburger Helper, but it was better than eating out!

Budget/Money: I did excellent!! I took a toy back to ToysRus, and did not shop there. Returned the earbuds to Target & shopped, but did not buy! Later tonight I returned things to Home Depot & WalMart & only spent $20 at Walmart on necessary things: baby food, baby wipes, face wash, coffee creamer & 1 unnecessary: a $6 thing to hold paper for the kids. And I cooked!

Parenting: 3. Again, good with Easton, BAD with big kids. I mean I napped while they did homework (or were supposed to do homework!). Ugh. I really need to get better.


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