Tuesday–Even Better


  • Breakfast: 2 coffee & cream (est 3-4 tbs cream/cup– want to work on weaning that down). 1 egg+2egg whites, low-gly cinn toast
  • Snack:
  • Lunch: wheat pita, hummus, turkey & string cheese, Starbucks green tea-3pumps
  • Snack: wheat bread, peanut butter, honey toast
  • Dinner: red cabbage salad, pork brisket, rice w/spinach
  • Snack: turkey slices, tortilla chips & hummus

Exercise:  2 laps, walking/talking speed. vacuum carpeting (I worked up a sweat, so I’m counting it!!), shred level1

Water: Excellent. And no diet soda.

Energy:  Ehh. Waking up is super, super difficult. The baby is still getting up twice, usually. Felt better after coffee. Had a lot of energy after breakfast. The Starbucks green tea @ lunch really helped with my afternoon slump. I wasn’t as sleepy tired. Physically I’m VERY tired.

Hypno tapes:  bedtime I will listen to #4 (I forget what it is)

Household:  Did 4-5 loads of laundry! And it’s put away!! Vacuumed family, hall, baby’s & master rooms. Cleaned up kitchen. Did mini-grocery shopping @ Henry’s for fruits & veggies. Cooked dinner.

Budget/Money:Did awesome. Went to the mall and only spent $0.80 @ Starbucks (used the rest of a gift card). Plus I got $23 credited back to checking from Nordstrom’s return & I have a merchandise credit @ Macy’s for a return there! Then I went to Henry’s for some produce & my pro-biotic pills (which were buy1 get 1 FREE!). I got TONS of veggies to have a lot of variety this week. It actually motivated me to menu plan (in my head for now!).

Parenting: 5. Any day I don’t nap is at least a 5 by default!! I really did a lot of work around the house with the laundry and stuff & feel like I was having to do a lot of distracting the baby so I could do something. And then while I cooked dinner, Macy basically entertained him for an hour all by herself. By the time we were done eating it was clear he wanted me & only me. And he wanted me to hold him. I have to find a way to get stuff done and not neglect him. Macy’s homework was still a struggle, but her darn project is almost done. Owen had a horrible melt down and called me a horrible mommy & threatened to kill himself. (Who knew 6 year olds could be so dramatic??) All because I wouldn’t let him walk to his friends’ house — which I think is too far away for him to walk by himself, but Daddy lets him do it sometimes. It was quite emotional. In the end I remembered that the twins (his friends) had baseball practice and they wouldn’t have been able to play anyways. And so, he was then TOTALLY FINE- like NOTHING happened. He was even able to go outside and play by himself (which he was crying and saying he couldn’t do previously). That was stressful. I fell badly for him, but he is so emotional. He takes EVERYTHING so personally & so HARD, it is really hard to manage. Lately we’ve been telling him to go to his room and cry all he wants, and come TALK to us when he can do it without crying. I just wish it wasn’t happening so often.


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