The one where I fixate on creamer for my coffee

I really like a little coffee w/ my creamer… but it is horrible for me. Aside from the artificial ingredients, the calories! the fat! Ugh! I tried the the sugar-free and it just isn’t as good. I usually buy the fat-free, but they don’t sell that at Costco… and I pretty much have to buy it at Costco just because of the sheer volume Scott uses! (And I think I’m bad– he’s WAAAAY worse!) So I looked online to see what other people use for substitutions. Let me tell you, I am not alone in my use (abuse?) of this sugary-sweetness! So the first one I tried was almond milk. Yuck. It didn’t get the creamy, thickness in consistency that I like. Now I have to finish this crap. I’m thinking the kids might like it. Hopefully, or that’s a waste of $2.89. I guess I can try it alone. Maybe it would be good in cereal?  I don’t know. It just is so thin.


  • Breakfast: ¼ banana, low-gly cinn toast, 1egg+2whites, coffee, half almond milk (YUCK!)
  • Snack:
  • Lunch: YUMMY sandwich– pita, avocado, turkey, cheese, spinach
  • Snack: 8 Costco California rolls, w/ 1 pckt soy
  • Dinner: baked tilapia (w/ garlic, onions & tomatoes), asparagus, cheesy cauliflower
  • Snack: snap peas dipped in hummus

 Exercise:  3 laps around the school in the morning. Was going to go to the gym after dinner, but I was too exhausted.

Water: Excellent. No soda– and not craving it so much! Woot!

Energy:  A little bit easier getting up this morning. I went to bed at 10 & I had no nap. The baby only got up once, I think. How come I can not remember from night to night the time and number of times he gets up? Hmmm. I try to make a point to note it so I can remember it in the morning, but I forget. And I get all the way up… I’m not sleep-walking or anything.

I didn’t have any caffeine this afternoon, but I felt OK, energy-wise. After dinner, though, I was B-E-A-T. Too tired to go to the gym 😦

Hypno tapes: I’ll listen to the next one tonight. I don’t know if they are doing anything.

Household: Cooked dinner. Cleaned kitchen. Went to Costco for necessary supplies– does that count? To me, it does. I also did a lot of picture/file management– which, again, counts for me.

Budget/money: Somehow I spent $100 at Costco. I only bought essentials. Man it goes fast!

Parenting: 4 Again, no nap. I’m having a hard time with the baby. As I am doing more around the house, I feel like I am neglecting the baby. Not only am I not nursing him in the day time, I’m not holding him as much either. It seems that is the opposite of what would be helpful for him. But I tried the sling the other day, and he just doesn’t want to be in it any more. <sigh> this is where the guilt of being a mommy comes in. Big kids were fine today. Macy had a ton of homework, but did it on her own (with only a slight bit of encouragement/ sitting on from me). She also is done with the major parts of her stupid essential project. Owen finished his weekly packet and went off to play happily w/ the neighbor.


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