Breaking Habits is Hard to do

Eating out habits are hard to end. While I was out running errands, I got hungry. It was really hard not to just go through a drive thru. I even planned what I could get that would be “healthier” than a hamburger. However, I knew if I went for the fast food, there was no way I could not get a diet coke. Then I REALLY wanted one. However, I decided I had yummy Tofu stir fry left overs and went home in the end. Yeah me!!


  • Breakfast: 1egg + 2 whites, 1 ½ low gly toast, coffee w/ 2tbs half/half + sf syrup
  • Snack: fish crackers (2 handfuls)
  • Lunch: l/o tofu fried rice, pear, hummus, tortilla chips
  • Snack: string cheese, life cereal & almond
  • Dinner: Panda Express: ½ veggies/ ½ rice, green bean chicken
  • Snack: veggie chips (too many—I thought these were going to be healthier than they actually are. Truth is they are not much better than potato chips. And they are just as addicting. Won’t be buying them again.

Exercise: 2 laps around the school.

Water: Excellent. No soda again. I’m hardly craving it any longer- except when I think about it. That doesn’t make sense, huh? What I mean is I don’t have cravings to make me want it, but if I think about it (as I am typing this), then I kind of want it.

Energy: the morning was hard, again, but I got up anyways and pushed through. Afternoon was much harder. I didn’t have the big kids, so I napped. However, I didn’t feel very good when I woke up, just more tired and wanting more sleep.

Hypno tapes:  listened during nap.

Household: 2 loads of laundry. Cleaned up kitchen & dishes.

Budget/money: I had to get out of the house because the baby didn’t take a very good morning nap and was SUPER clingy. I went to TJMaxx to get the hand weights I saw there. I bought a few other necessities (jeans for Owen, bbq veggie tray, microplane grater-thing, cheaper earbuds—I need to remember to go there next time I need new earbuds. The same ones at Target & Walmart were $10-$15 more!) I spent a total of $32, but it was fore exercise or cooking & pants for Owen- man can that boy BLOW HOLES in his pants knees.

Parenting: 6 OK, but my mom took the kids in the afternoon & evening to a movie, so I didn’t have to do anything with them. However, we had a GREAT morning of no yelling & we were on-time. The kids finished with enough time to watch a funny video on YouTube of a dog jumping on a trampoline. I’m thinking if we have more mornings like this, I’ll try to find a different funny animal video for them to watch.


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