The Great Purge & Organize of 2010

I started with the pantries today and it was awesome!  Getting rid of the stuff that was expired or was just crumbs left felt great. Reorganizing it made it look nice. I now know what I have and what I need. It also made meal planning much easier. I need to save some money for Tupperware! Ooh, that would make it REALLY nice!

I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the kitchen and the garage! Watch out junk, here I come!


  • Breakfast: 2egg, cheese, tortilla burrito, ½ banana, coffee w/ half/half & stevia
  • Snack: trail mix & string cheese & homemade greentea
  • Lunch: (oops, forgot to eat! Too busy with a fussy, fussy baby & cleaning out the pantry)
  • Snack: fiber one cereal w/ almond milk
  • Dinner: 3 pork tacos (corn tortilla, cheese, guacamole, spinach, tomatoes), red cabbage salad, refried beans
  • Snack: 3 packs of cookies (UGH… the first one tasted so good I went back for more. Now I feel yucky.)

Exercise:  3 laps around school

Water: OK. I didn’t fill up my big bottle until after dinner, which makes it easier to drink.

Energy:  Blahhhh. Getting up was hard, yadda, yadda, yadda. I actually got quite a bit of energy as I was cleaning out the pantry—a side effect from the act of purging & organizing!


  • 1 load of laundry
  • Menu planned for the week.
  • Organized the garage and inside freezer to plan what I had & needed to get. I made a list of things to use first. Also made my grocery & Costco list.
  • Purged & organized the pantry & the junk above the refrigerator. Wow that felt good… except for when I dropped and broke the glass bottle of rice vinegar! Ewww, it was a smelly mess and the glass went EVERYWHERE!

Budget/money: Bought some essentials at Target. I ended up only spending $6 because I brought back a couple things first.

Parenting: 6 Good day, even though Easton was sick and cranky all day. I helped kids with their homework. Owen helped with dinner.

Gratitude:  I am grateful for my new friend Mary. I really enjoy being friends with someone with a baby at the same time as me. Also, it is so nice having a friend live on the same street! I was so jealous of Ann & Gayle, now I get it. It rocks!


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