I love how he doesn’t have to do anything

Men suck! I worked soooooo hard to lose those 4 pounds last week. Scott did nothing but eat the food I cooked for him. He lost 4 pounds too. No exercise. No water. No sacrifices. Just no eating out– only eating what I prepared for him: fresh food with lots of veggies. It feels really unfair. However, the good news is that I am not discouraged. I am still VERY proud of what I have accomplished and that I am still VERY motivated. This is a big deal because in the past his losing weight so quickly and effortlessly would have caused me to throw in the towel. But this time I know it is going to happen for me & I am excited to do the work. I am also glad to be making my man healthier. I mean, how can that be bad?? Plus, how much healthier are the kids?? If Scott is seeing a 4 pound weight loss, the kids have to be healthier too. Now that, THAT is terrific. That makes me feel like a good mom.


  • Breakfast: 1egg+2whites, low gly cinn toast, ½ banana, coffee w/ half/half
  • Snack: trail mix
  • Lunch: turkey, spinach, avocado pita, lite Activia, cucumber, DIET PEPSI!
  • Snack: hummus & veggie chips
  • Dinner: (my mom invited us over) Cx breast, pasta, broccoli, edamame
  • Snack: fiber 1 w/ almond milk, veggie chips (man, those are addicting!)

Exercise:  1 lap around school. Gym: 20 min cardio, legs

Water: good, but I had a diet pepsi w/ lunch. It wasn’t as good as I thought, but I’m thinking that has more to do with the fact that it wasn’t Diet COKE—Yummy!

Energy: I took a nap, it was awesome.

Household: Not much because I spent a good part of the day with my car at the shop, only to find out it was fine. Grrrrr.

Budget/money: Super good since I didn’t need brakes! Also, I went to several stores while I was waiting for my car to be checked out and I didn’t buy anything. PLUS, I packed my sandwich and didn’t buy lunch w/ my mom. Although, I did spend $70+ online to buy a water filter and replacement shelf for our refrigerator. That sucked, but was necessary.

Parenting: 3 Sent the kids to my mom’s so I could nap. I needed it. I need to give myself permission to do that once in awhile, not all the time like before, but once a week is fine.  

Gratitude: Scott. He is an AMAZING father. I am so grateful that he really LIKES spending time with our kids. We have had some rough patches, especially lately, but he does support me in my effort to change and become a better version of myself. I truly hope that after I am happy with myself, inside and out, that my relationship with him will strengthen & grow.


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