NO Sugar, NO WAY!!

I’ve been hearing a lot about how horrible sugar and processed foods are for us. I think it is pretty compelling when you realize that Americans now eat something like 3times the amount of sugar grams per day than we did 60 years ago. Why do we really need all that sugar? Why is it in EVERYTHING?? Probably because it makes things taste better, duh! But also probably because it makes our bodies crave more sugar. And when we crave more we buy more. Good for the CEO’s bottom line.

Anyways, I decided to see if I could eliminate added sugar, flour, and other processed foods from my diet for a few days and see if I felt any difference. Yeah, big difference.

I started Tuesday. I weighed myself yesterday & was down 6 pounds!! I didn’t even exercise! Crazy, I know. I’m blown away. Now don’t get me wrong… it is HARD! Very hard. For me it is not the sugar as much as it is the BREAD… oh the BREAD. I love bread and all bread products. Yummm. But with results like that, I’m going to go all of June eating this way. I’m hoping for a HUGE jump start. I’m going to add exercise also. I have lofty goals. But I think they are attainable after this week’s success. I want to start July at 240 lbs. That will be a 24lb weight loss in 1 month. I hate to even put it in writing for fear I won’t accomplish it, but I’ve got to commit. Part of the way I’m doing that is by not keeping my goals a secret. By telling people what I am doing.

Normally I don’t tell people when I’m dieting because it feels like such a cliche- The Fat Girl is “trying” to lose weight. Ahh, how cute. But a funny thing happened when I told people (well, facebook people) yesterday about my “no sugar, flour & processed foods” experiment. They cheered me on. They didn’t put me down for doing this to myself in the first place. They asked me questions about what I’m eating. They told me how awesome my 6lb loss was. They said they didn’t know how I could do it because they couldn’t do it. They were impressed. By me?!?! That’s just crazy to me. It kind of made me want show them what else I could do.

Am I afraid of failing?? Hell yes. I have this little voice in my head (that is actually REALLY LOUD) telling me that I can’t do it. That I will fail. Why should I even try. I hate that voice. It is hard to ignore. It is hard to go against the voice. Look at my history. The voice is right based on past experience. I want to prove the voice wrong. I want to silence it. My facebook friends cheering me on silenced it for a few seconds. It felt good. Telling people may be the mute button to my little voice. Awesome!


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