This Day

Today, October 19th at 9:40 am, is the day that I’ve decided to make a change in how this family operates.

As a family of 6 now, what has not worked in the past, ESPECIALLY won’t work now.

From now on:
1. We will pick up after ourselves immediately.
2. We will do dishes immediately.
3. We will have a calendar station and refer to it regularly.
4. We will not turn on the tv or computers or game consoles until the house is picked up.
5. We will eat dinner at home a minimum of 5 nights per week. Everyone will participate in some part of the preparation or clean up of eaxh meal.
6. We will not procrastinate paying the bills, homework, yardwork, making lunches, laundry, etc until we are in a frantic state.
7. We will work before we relax.
8. We will eliminate the laziness.
9. We will be on time to our obligations.
10. We will be the family that Scott & I have always envisioned us being.


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