Sigh, this little under-used piece of internet is my place to get my thoughts down. I know it is hardly read. I’m ok with that. But my previous post might hurt a family member’s feelings if it got back to her, and at the very least would make me seem ungrateful. I thought about just deleting it, but these are thoughts that I have every year. I really want to make a push to enjoy the holidays and writing down my feelings about what has bothered me for 13+ years is a start.

The odds of someone who knows me finding this blog are very small, or so I thought! Turns out a relative followed me on Twitter, which I link my blog to. Ugh. So I blocked her on Twitter, with the hope that she won’t even notice. And then I wrote a post and had second thoughts. So now I password protected that post.

Please, email me or message me for the password.


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