Sports Child

The reason for yesterday’s post was because I now spend a lot of time on the athletic fields because of my 10 year old, Owen. He loves sports, football and baseball, specifically, and he is good at them. Since I didn’t grow up with sports, a lot of things are foreign to me watching him from the sidelines.

The main thing I struggle with is not knowing how to deal with all the FEELINGS I feel! I feel nervous for my son: “Will he play his best? Will he get hurt? Can he handle the pressure?” And then I get competitive feelings that I am also not equipped to handle: “We need to win! Go team! Oh no, that was a bad call!”

It is the competitive feelings that feel the weirdest to me. I have no frame of reference for dealing with them. I don’t know if what I am feeling is normal. These are REALLY intense feelings!

So thankfully, football season ended this weekend and baseball doesn’t start for a couple months. I now get a reprieve from these feelings. Hopefully I will have a better handle on them by February.


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