Menu Plan 11/4

I am desperate to lose these 100 pounds and this Halloween candy is not doing me any favors. Since I am working out twice a week still, I need to change my eating habits. I had the worst time cooking during our son’s football season because my husband is a coach also. So 3 weeknights per week they would leave at 4:30 and not get home until after 7. That would leave me with the 13 year old, the 4 year old, and the EXTREMELY fussy, Miss Baby Gemma. That time of evening has always been bad for her, but she just will not tolerate me in the kitchen cooking for an hour or so. She would cry at my feet while I would try to chop and cook. It was horrible. And dangerous. I tried putting her in the high chair with some snacks, but that only works for a little bit. I tried wearing her in the carrier or a wrap on my back, but it would hurt to hold her for that long and take me twice as long to cook. So my (and my family’s) eating habits during football season sucked. I didn’t gain any weight back, but I didn’t lose any more.

So football ended on Saturday and I have my first menu plan. I subscribed to emeals in August, and I liked some of the things about it, but not everything. I LOVED the shopping app, I liked having a plan and grocery list, I liked the idea of trying new recipes. But I didn’t like all of the recipes for each week and I missed some of my own, tried and true recipes. So I decided to make my own menu plan each week.

Here is my first plan:

Weekly Menu Plan #1


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