My Aching Body

I’m working out and my body is revolting, REVOLTING against me!!

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for two years, off and on. It is bad when I am exercising. I hobble around in the morning and throughout the day. I ice my foot several times a week. I take a ton of ibuprofen. I deal with it.

I also have after-working out, specific muscle soreness. I kind of like this kind of soreness. Especially when it is from little muscles that I hardly notice otherwise. This kind of soreness makes me feel stronger and leaner. When my abs are sore, and I notice them with every twist and turn, it feels good.

My newest pain, that I do not like, and wish that it would go die in a fire is shin splints. Shin splints are evil. They are painful. They are getting in the way of how hard I want to work out. My shins are on fire if I run or jog or jump at all. I finally get myself to do bootcamps and I can’t do a third of it because it hurts too much. I’m already embarrassed about being the most out of shape person at the bootcamp, and then I can’t do anything that has any impact at all. Makes me feel like I’m not doing any good, even though I know that something is better than nothing.

So Body, I’m putting you on notice, that even though you are trying to revolt against me, I am going to persevere and win. Trust me, in the end, you’ll thank me. This is for both of us. So please, don’t try to kill me.


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