Feel Good Movies

I have always liked movies. A lot. But after each baby was born, I’ve seen less and less of them. That’s life, I guess. Totally understandable. I miss being able to see movies, but it is not the end of the world. I see a commercial for a movies I’d like to see and just know that I will not be seeing it in the theater. So I move on.

Today, the older kids wanted to see “Ender’s Game”. It was not really a movie I WANTED to see, but I planned on enjoying it with them. When I was looking at the times it was playing, I noticed it was playing at the same time as “About Time.” Now that was a movie that I REALLY wanted to see, but just resigned myself to not seeing. I mentioned it to Scott and he encouraged me to see it while the kids saw “Ender’s Game” by themselves. I shrugged him off because that was a crazy idea! The 13 and 10 year old watching a movie by themselves– No WAY! That’s not allowed. Is it? The movie was PG-13, Macy is 13, but Owen is only 10. Who would check? Who would question me or them? Nah, I can’t do it. But Scott continued to talk me into it and the kids were VERY excited about the possibility. And I did REALLY want to see my movie. So I allowed myself to think it was possible. Me, in a movie theater, by myself. Wow, just wow. That would be heaven. So I decided it was to be. And it was fantastic!

Now the movie was great. At least one of my top 5 movies ever, if not my favorite movie ever. But it got me thinking about why I liked it so much, because, duh, that’s what I like to use my blog for, exploring the whys of my life.

Normally, if someone asked me what type of movies I liked, I couldn’t really explain it. It was easier to explain what I didn’t like: horror, suspense, blood and gore. I enjoy lots of types of movies: crime/mystery, comedy, Rom-com, Sci-Fi and drama. But my favorite? I didn’t really know how to classify it. Until tonight. But this movie was it. A Rom-com Sci-fi with a carpe diem message. Kind of specific? Yes. Kind of perfect for me? Totally. I walked out of this movie feeling so good. Better than I’ve felt in a long time. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a movie. In fact, this is where I am setting my movie bar: makes me feel AWESOME. I wish they could all do this, I would definitely see more movies!!

(I think I need to try to systematically come up with my list of favorite movies for a blog post. I bet a lot of them have similar qualities. I am going to try to do that this month.)


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