Four is tough


This guy, Easton, is a complex little guy. He is sweet, caring, impatient, demanding, confident, shy, hyper, and sensitive all within the course of one day. Everyday.

For example, today he had no preschool,  so he had to come with me to take Gemma to get the rest of her 12 month shots. When I told him this, he had a screaming fit that he wasn’t going to go. I thought maybe he was worried he was going to have to get a shot too, because last month when she got her shots, the whole family got their flu shots. But no. He knew he wasn’t getting one. But he was acting horrible and mean and screaming.

Turns out, he did not want to listen to Gemma scream and cry during/after her shots. I at first thought, how sweet, he doesn’t want her to feel bad. This would be completely within his character,  because he tells me 5 times a day how much he loves her. And he is always trying to hug and kiss her. And he gets sad that she doesn’t hug and kiss him back. So, I thought it was coming from a place of love. Nope.

It was just about the noise she would make. He was practically making himself ill just thinking about how loud she was going to be. Which, as I thought more about it, is also completely within his character too. Since he was a tiny baby, loud noises have bothered him much more than my other kids. He was a very light sleeper. Toilets flushing in public restrooms caused him to flail. As he got older, it never got better. He would cover his ears at the sound of loud motorcycles and cars. In public restrooms he still got upset by toilets flushing and the lound hand dryers. And Gemma’s cries have always got to him. I was once driving them in the car and she was a screaming newborn, and he was so upset he was crying too and had his hands over his ears. He was begging me to make her stop. It was so very sad.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised,  but I was. I finally had to promise that he could stand outside the door when she was getting her shots. That calmed him down and made it ok. That, and the promise of McDonald’s aftetwards.


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