To Do Lists

So my brain is just spinning around and around with all the things I need to do. It was driving me crazy and was just debilitating. I sometimes feel like I am the only person who gets like this: I totally shut down the more I have to do. It is completely counter-productive. It makes me crazy. It makes me sad. It leads to depression. I yell at myself: “Just get it done!” But there is so much to do I just shut down.

Sometimes, in an effort to avoid the shut down, I make to do lists (yes, plural).

First, I make a pre-list. A pre-list is where I just dump my brain onto the paper. All the things! The IMPORTANT THINGS. The little things. The kid things. The house things. The call things. The email things. The holiday things. The daily things. The yearly things.

Then I prioritize and re-write the pre-list onto the Official Lists. There are 3 main lists: TO DO ASAP. To Do Soon (usually 1 week). Kids To Do.

So I did this today. It was a little overwhelming. And then I had a glorious moment when I remembered this: the kids and Scott have all next week off! So I am going to push really hard to get everything done. It may not be a fun vacation, but it if we can push through the list this weekend and Monday, then we can have fun! And then we can get on and enjoy the Damn Holidays. (Which, really is my goal.)


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