Fun Things I want to Remember: Catching Fire Edition

The Hunger Games (film)

The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macy has been bugging me about taking her to the midnight showing of  Hunger Games: Catching Fire for MONTHS. I was very hesitant to commit because, hello??? School Night. But, her 1st quarter report card was so spectacular (5= As, 3= A+s, 8=Outstandings), as Scott so gently suggested, she deserves some trust and fun when it comes to these things. Plus, our local theater having an 8 pm showing made the choice to go quite a bit easier. Then, of course, Owen was begging to go, and his report card was better than we expected, so I bought 3 tickets Monday night for tonight’s 8 pm movie.

And I was excited to take them… until about 3 pm today. It was then a wave of stress and doubt: When will we eat dinner? What time do we have to line up outside? What if it rains? What about nursing Gemma? They don’t want to go with me. I don’t deserve to have fun. I have too much to do. Blah, blah, blah. It was bad. I was a mess and mean to Scott who was only trying to make it happen for all of us. I’m so lucky he talked me down lovingly and firmly insisted I go through with the night.

So we went to the theater and got in line at 5:15. Scott went to In-n-Out and brought us dinner. We all ate outside together. Macy read her book. Scott and Owen threw the baseball around. Gemma walked around and tried to eat the tape making the line up lines. I nursed Gemma in the car. Scott went and got me a Pumpkin Spice Latte and the kids Steamers. We said good bye to Scott, Easton, and Gemma. We got terrific seats in the theater. We saw the most HILARIOUS local ad run before the previews that I tried to get a picture of. I saw a preview for Divergent that made me want to read the book IMMEDIATELY. The movie was great! Owen held my hand when I was freaking out from the scary MONKEYS (AHH)!! Owen leaned against me for a lot of the movie. We got out of the CRAZY CROWDED parking lot pretty quickly. (Hey, Cinema City, here’s an idea: Stagger the start times of the 13 showings by just 5 minutes so not everyone is trying to leave at the same time.) Macy LOVED the movie and was on this Happy Nerd High that she gets on when one of her beloved books is properly treated in film form. And the most fun was when Owen and I randomly broke out into a simultaneous Muppets Mahna Mahna sing-a-long, much to Macy’s irritation!

So glad I went. I want to make more memories with my kids like this one. I want to have more fun with them. I want them to remember The Fun.


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