Easton’s Thankful Art


Easton came home from preschool yesterday with this amazing drawing. For me the most amazing thing is he drew it! He has only been interested in writing and drawing for a few weeks. Up until this new interest, he would get frustrated and angry when his drawings or letters didn’t look as he wanted them to. So he didn’t want to even try.

I’m so glad he is mostly over that now. He is initiating drawing on his own several times a week now and asks how to spell words all the time.

His above masterpiece is our family. Starting from the left it is Easton, Macy, Owen, Daddy, and me (with big, monkey-like ears, “Those are your earrings!”). Gemma is the small thing on the bottom. She is laying on the grass.

I love that Easton’s confidence is growing enough for him to be comfortable to try new things. I look forward to years of more masterpieces!


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