Surgery Update


I was very worried about how Easton would handle his recovery from his tonsil & adenoidectomy Wednesday. Especially given his temperament & how he’s dealt with minor injuries & illness in the past. I never in a million years would have believed it would be easy for him. And that’s where I would be wrong.
Scott & I just keep shaking our heads in disbelief at what an amazing trooper he has been. This little guy has had so little pain that at one point yesterday I made him let me look in his mouth, thinking maybe they forgot to take his tonsils. Nope. They are gone. He is just that amazing!
When we took him to the hospital in the morning, he was in great spirits. He never even asked to eat or drink anything. He didn’t seem nervous or concerned at all. Even when they took us back to prepare him for surgery and there was a older baby/toddler screaming & crying the whole time he was prepped. Nothing. Calm. Happy. Curious. (BTW, when we went to recovery that baby/toddler was still screaming & crying! Poor parents.)

This picture is before the Versed kicked in. He was being silly biting his LaLas.

The nurse gave Easton Versed about 45 minutes before he went back. I was amazed at how fast that worked for him. 5 mins after taking it he was getting sleepy. The doctor said that would help him be calm and not remember any of the pre-op stuff, but last night I asked him which shows he watched on the TV (Jake & The Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) at the hospital and he remembered. I’ll ask him again today.

This picture is after the Versed kicked in and he was watching the TV.

They took him back for surgery at 9:02. He was calm. I was a mess watching them wheel him away. I held it together the whole time, even then, but I was trying so hard not to act nervous in front of him. After he was taken back, my nerves came to the surface, along with my 3 cups of coffee, and I was visibly shaking.

Scott and I went to the waiting room. I had to fill out a bunch of permission slips for end-of-the-year activities for Macy. By the time I finished those, we were called to the consult room at 9:28. He was done. The doctor kept us waiting in the consult room for 15 minutes, but finally came and told us everything went great. He said that the tonsils were larger than they looked and that the adenoids definitely needed to come out. He also said we/he would notice a difference in his breathing right away. He talked to us about pain management, which was not clear AT ALL. Basically, the FDA doesn’t recommend narcotics for young kids, but it’s fine. Very confusing.

We then got to go back as Easton was waking up. I felt like he was really struggling. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He just wanted to sleep. The nurse said he was really good because he wasn’t crying (as 2 kids and 1 tiny baby around us were screaming). It was funny to me that Easton had no desire to make a sound. Scott and the nurse thought it was because his throat hurt, but I think he was just so disoriented and sleepy it didn’t occur to him. (When Owen came out of his anesthesia,  he WAS MAD! He was screaming,  “I’m ANGRY!” And kind of growling.)

We kept talking to him and he would kind of open his eyes, but then he’d try to close them and turn on his side to sleep again. If we asked him questions he’d stare off. Instead of trying to talk he’d give us a thumbs up or down. I was just really struck by how he didn’t try to talk. I think if he wasn’t talking because of throat pain, he would have tried making sounds, but he never did until later.

It was about 20 minutes until he was keeping his eyes open completely. He was still staring off though. I had been trying to give him ice, but he only wanted a couple pieces before shaking his head. He gave thumbs up to wanting a popsicle. But barely ate it. He finally talked and said he wanted to go home. Then he noticed Scott was gone (to the pharmacy)and he got upset and tearful thinking he left without him, but he calmed quickly and never really cried.

Scott came back & we got Easton changed back into his pjs.

I tried to sneak a picture while we were waiting for Scott to get the car and as soon as Easton saw my phone he couldn’t help but smile… like a reflex!

This is how he looked through most of recovery, but he was in a hospital gown.
Then Scott left again to move the car. They brought a wheelchair and had him sit on my lap. It was reminiscent of being wheeled out with all of my babies in my arms after they were born, but 35+ pounds heavier and not as happy an occasion. I snuck a selfie:

On the way home Easton puked up the little bit of his popsicle that he ate, and I was irritated they didn’t prepare us for that. With Macy, they gave us a little throw up bag. I just wasn’t even thinking about it this time.
We got home and he went straight to bed for almost 2 hours. We woke him up to give him his pain medicine and some juice. He then got out of bed. He came into the family room and had a push pop:

He was feeling fine, good even:

The rest of the afternoon & evening he had another popsicle, drank his juice & played video games. At 7ish, he told me he was hungry. I gave him Jello. He wanted eggs, so I scrambled 2 eggs and he ate them all! He then wanted pudding, which I hadn’t made yet. So I made it. I asked him if his throat hurt and he said, “Just a little, because if it was a lot I would be crying.”
Then he ran around the kitchen while I was cleaning up, acting completely normal and healthy. He was talking my ear off. He wanted to know when the pudding would be cool enough to eat. I put it in the freezer to speed it along.
Scott put him to bed at 8:15, after he happily ate his pudding. He fell right asleep. He had kept him on the recommended drug schedule of every 3 hours, alternating Vicoden and Advil. The discharge papers recommended waking him during he night, the first few nights, for pain medicine. We planned for a 1am dose. When we tried to give it to him, he REALLY didn’t want it. Especially because it was the bad tasting Vicoden. So we talked him into at least the Advil. I mean, come on, he had to take something after we set alarms and woke him and accidentally,  Owen. So he did finally take the Advil.

He woke for the day at 6:30, acting and feeling fine. We weren’t sure if he was feeling so good all day yesterday because we’d kept good medicine in him, or if his throat was still numb from the surgery, or if he was just A Stud about pain. Regardless, we were ready for today to be worse. I remember the morning being horrible after my surgery because sleeping made the scabs dry up and really hurt. But it wasn’t an issue for Easton.
He drank some juice, had a pudding and some Tylenol and played Disney Infinity all morning. After an hour or so he started to act a little “off” for him. He was easily frustrated with the video game and protested a little bit about eating some eggs, but that was it. We let his friend from next door come over to play video games with him and they had popsicles and laughed and you would never have known he had surgery the day before.
We are so proud of how he’s handled this whole thing. I think we’ve learned a bit about pre-judging our kids. I realize things can still go to hell, but I just don’t think they will, at this point. I am really looking forward to seeing Easton completely healed and what long-term benefits this surgery will provide.


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