Great Things; Great Kids

I’ve been struggling with depression and lack of motivation. It’s been hard, really hard on me, my husband, the kids and my marriage. This weekend I decided to start taking my antidepressant again and I really pushed myself to force myself to do more. I’ll write more about it later.

Today I want to remember how great my kids were. Even though these things were not typical, it was obvious the things we’ve been saying are starting to sink in. It is a wonderful indication that they are capable and willing of being contributing and helpful members of this family.

I did quite a bit more than usual today, in my effort to force myself out of this funk, and even though I hoped to not take my typical afternoon nap, I had to. I was worthless at 2:30. I managed to sleep from 3:30-4:30. It was perfect.

When I came out of my room, the big kids wanted  take the little ones out front to play. This was their idea! Awesome getting along AND being helpful with the little kids. This was Great Thing #1.

I asked if they could just straighten up the living room first. Only Easton (5) protested! But it was Macy (13) and Owen (10) who quickly and cheerfully talked him out of throwing a fit. They delegated easy tasks to him and tried to make it fun. He complained no more and they were done in about 5 minutes. This was Great Thing #2.

Before dinner, while I was getting plates together for the littles, Owen had to eat quickly to get ready for baseball practice in 20 minutes. When he got up to get himself some milk, he asked Macy if she would like some too. She did and he poured it for her and brought it to her! This was Great Thing #3. This one brought a tear to my eye because getting these two to be kind to each other lately has been virtually impossible.

Then later, after Scott and Owen were at practice, I was doing dishes and Macy had Easton and the baby outside. She brought all three huge trash cans to the curb for tomorrow’s trash pickup without being asked. She especially hates this task because the brown widows like to make webs and leave eggs under the handles of the cans. This was Great Thing #4.

These Great Things happened probably within a 90 minute span and just lifted my spirits so high. It was just wonderful to be shown what Great Kids I am so lucky to have. I know they won’t always be like this, but I’m grateful to have witnessed it and been mentally present enough to appreciate it.


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