My First REVIEW: Smart for Life & underWAY

I am so glad I had the opportunity to try this Smart for Life “Cookie Diet.” This is something that I never would have tried on my own, having not known anyone who had used it. I’m a chicken like that.

The items that I sampled were the Smart for Life cookies, in two flavors; cupcakes; and a few other things like bagel thins, crunchy snacks, cereal, and a just-add-water-shake. I also sampled underWAY’s appetite suppressing drink. I was also sent the official “Plan” of how to use the cookies and products. Following this plan, they predict you will lose 10-15 pounds a month and not be hungry. The plan advises:

Within 1 hour of waking up, eat your first Smart Cookie along with a glass of water. Then every 2-3 hours, when you feel hungry, eat another Smart Cookie. You should eat 6 Smart Cookies throughout the day and then a healthy, low-fat dinner of chicken or fish with 5 cups of vegetables as outlined in your Program Guide included in your order. This will retrain you to eat small, multiple meals throughout the day. 

My opinion: Can someone lose weight on this program and not be hungry? Yes, easily and completely if they follow the plan and exercise.

My result: I lost 5 pounds the week I tried the products and included 4 workouts at my gym. I did NOT follow the plan. I just had cookies in place of breakfast and for my after-gym snack. I wasn’t sent enough samples to try the full plan for more than a few days, so it worked better for me to spread them out over a week. But it did give me a good feel for the program.

I found the “cookies” satisfying in the morning, along with my cup of coffee and a glass of water. However, they are not really like a cookie, they are denser and thicker than most cookies I have ever made, which makes them more appropriate as meal-replacements. I was not hungry for several hours. An added benefit was the “cookie” made me poop every morning within an hour of finishing it. I think it must have something to do with their proprietary HeroFiber. For me that is a HUGE bonus. I am quite irregular in the pooping department, and when I am dieting I think pooping is a good indicator of metabolic rate, so I like to be regular especially when dieting.

The underWay drink was good tasting. I really liked the Acai-Pomegranate. I had one after a workout and as an afternoon snack. It is like a Diet Gatorade, but with added fiber and supplements to help you feel full. It was not as filling as a “cookie” but it was yummy and sweet when I was thirsty.

As far as taste goes, some of the items I sampled tasted really good, and some of them tasted dry and much like “diet food.” For instance, I really enjoyed the Chocolate Chip “Cookie”, but I could not even drink the just-add-water Vanilla shake– it was very watery and smelled like baby formula. All the other “cookie” alternatives were similar and not as good as the just the regular “cookies.” The “cupcakes” were the exception. They were very yummy, but they were very small and not as filling as the “cookies.” I had a hard time just eating 1 cupcake and expecting it to last till my next meal.

If I were to do this program myself, I would do just the “cookies” in the Chocolate Chip flavor. The Oatmeal Raisin “cookies” were just OK, as they were considerably more dry and difficult to swallow compared to the Chocolate Chip “cookies”. I liked the “cookies” as my breakfast and morning snack and my after-gym treat. I find that I come home from exercise STARVING, and the “cookie” held that at bay.

If you are looking for a program to help lose weight, you definitely will lose weight using the Smart for Life “Cookies” Plan, however it is expensive, since you have to buy multiple weeks at once. They say it averages to around $5 a day for their products, which sounds AWESOME, but for our family budget, it is too difficult to buy 4 weeks at a time and still buy food for the rest of the family. I wish I could afford to supplement my diet this way. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have sampled these products. Thanks Smart of Life and underWAY.

For all of my blog readers, Smart for Life and underWAY have supplied me with a 10% discount code for underWAY and Smart for Life products. Please use MCUS10OFFUW for underWAY products at and MCUS10OFFSFL at GOOD LUCK and let me know what you think of my FIRST REVIEW!!!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review.”