Dinner Fail

I have been cooking for years now. I am fairly competent and faily confident. I generally know what my family will like and what to adjust so they will at least eat it.

But, wow, tonight was a big dinner FAIL. It was pretty gross. Everyone was able to swallow it down with minimal complaining… well, except for the baby, she refused and I didn’t blame her! I think the reason the rest of the family ate it as fuss-free as they did was because I felt so bad  (I’ll have to remember to use that again!).

The funny thing is that I’m not sure the recipe was horrible because of something I did or because of the recipe. I did make a MAJOR substitution of a major ingredient of something I’ve never tried before. But it was a new recipe. A small part of me wants to remake the recipe exactly as written, but I know that is crazy and not worth it. Why can’t I let it go? I cooked a bad meal. M.O.V.E. O.N.!!!

I will say though, the new side recipe I tried was a success! So I’m going to focus on that! One out of two is really not that horrible.