Habit of the Week, week 1

My habit of the week is going to be to keep track of EVERYTHING I eat, the good, the bad, and the HORRIBLE.

I eventually want to include tracking the calories of everything, but I am REALLY trying to stick to BABY Steps. After all, keeping track/ paying attention to my food is a VAST improvement over what I’ve been doing: eating with abandon! .


Future Habits

These are some of the habits I will be instituting for my “Habit of the Week.” This is really just a place I can get them all down so I remember what I want to do. In NO particular order:

  • blog daily
  • update picture files weekly
  • make bed daily
  • wash sheets weekly
  • 1 load of laundry each day
  • clean 1 area of house each day
  • plan menus & shopping
  • cut & use coupons
  • clean sink every night (ala Flylady.net)
  • attend to bills/papers once per week
  • purge 1 area each day (again, ala Flylady.net)
  • wash face nightly & moisturize
  • exercise daily
  • go to bed by 9pm nightly (no napping!)


  • Cook every meal for 7 days straight
  • No TV for a week (for family)
  • Catch up on scrapbooking!!