Great Things; Great Kids

I’ve been struggling with depression and lack of motivation. It’s been hard, really hard on me, my husband, the kids and my marriage. This weekend I decided to start taking my antidepressant again and I really pushed myself to force myself to do more. I’ll write more about it later.

Today I want to remember how great my kids were. Even though these things were not typical, it was obvious the things we’ve been saying are starting to sink in. It is a wonderful indication that they are capable and willing of being contributing and helpful members of this family.

I did quite a bit more than usual today, in my effort to force myself out of this funk, and even though I hoped to not take my typical afternoon nap, I had to. I was worthless at 2:30. I managed to sleep from 3:30-4:30. It was perfect.

When I came out of my room, the big kids wanted  take the little ones out front to play. This was their idea! Awesome getting along AND being helpful with the little kids. This was Great Thing #1.

I asked if they could just straighten up the living room first. Only Easton (5) protested! But it was Macy (13) and Owen (10) who quickly and cheerfully talked him out of throwing a fit. They delegated easy tasks to him and tried to make it fun. He complained no more and they were done in about 5 minutes. This was Great Thing #2.

Before dinner, while I was getting plates together for the littles, Owen had to eat quickly to get ready for baseball practice in 20 minutes. When he got up to get himself some milk, he asked Macy if she would like some too. She did and he poured it for her and brought it to her! This was Great Thing #3. This one brought a tear to my eye because getting these two to be kind to each other lately has been virtually impossible.

Then later, after Scott and Owen were at practice, I was doing dishes and Macy had Easton and the baby outside. She brought all three huge trash cans to the curb for tomorrow’s trash pickup without being asked. She especially hates this task because the brown widows like to make webs and leave eggs under the handles of the cans. This was Great Thing #4.

These Great Things happened probably within a 90 minute span and just lifted my spirits so high. It was just wonderful to be shown what Great Kids I am so lucky to have. I know they won’t always be like this, but I’m grateful to have witnessed it and been mentally present enough to appreciate it.


The One Where My Son is Joey

Owen, almost 11, uses finger quotes incorrectly and inappropriately all the time. He did it today and it reminded me of the time he did it in such a spectacular fashion that I just knew I had to write about it. Because, before this incident, I would have never thought the use of air quotes could cause me to feel such rage. I mean, come on, they’re just a finger gesture, right?

On Sunday October, 20, 2013, Owen fell while playing football in the street. He hit the back of head so hard he sustained a mild concussion. Part of his discharge instructions called for a week of “Brain Rest.” (Those are real quotes, not finger quotes… yet.) Brain Rest involves complete rest of the brain. That means no reading, writing, tv, or electronics. He was allowed to return to school on the third day, but he was just supposed to listen. (Although, now that I think about this, doesn’t listening use the brain too? I don’t know now. It made sense at the time. It was so he wouldn’t get too far behind in his school work.) Our pediatrician was very adamant about the benefits of Brain Rest because she had just gone to a seminar about it. I guess it is a new-ish recommendation and not yet universal. It is supposed to speed the healing of the brain.

Owen returned to school on Wednesday. He, of course, was very excited about not having to do any work. I walked him to school in the morning to explain to his teacher in person Owen’s restrictions and give him the doctor’s note in person. The teacher was fine about it and we discussed some new deadlines for projects and things. It didn’t seem like a big deal at all.

When Owen came home from school I asked him how his day went. He said it was fine and that he was bored most of the day. He then told me a story about how the principal came and sat next to him during class. She asked him about what he did to get a concussion. She also asked him about what “Brain Rest” was. Owen used finger quotes. Then he said he felt like the principal didn’t believe he was really hurt. He laughed it off, as Owen does. He thinks everything is amusing or funny in someway. He was in no way offended at the idea that the principal didn’t believe him.

But I was! What I took from her conversation with Owen is that she wanted to know if he was really hurt and if “Brain Rest” (FINGER QUOTES!) was a real thing. I was so irate! We gave them a doctor’s note! The doctor’s note explained what his Brain Rest restrictions were. If she had a question about this she should have called us! How dare she! I called my husband to bitch about this principal. I talked to my mom about it. I was really worked up about it. THE NERVE of her.

The next day, Owen overheard me retelling the story to a friend. And at the part when I talk about the principal using finger quotes, he interrupted, “Um, Mommy, Mrs. XYZ didn’t use finger quotes when I talked to her. I just did that when I told you the story. Is that bad?”

Yep, that’s my Joey Owen. I have tried to teach him the correct use, but it has so far proved impossible. I just completely discourage his use of them at all.

Finger quotes

Owen Easter 2014


NaBloPoMo November 2013 Recap

NaBloPoMo November

So I was going to write a recap about my experience completing NaBloPoMo, but instead I ended up having an impromptu family game night with the big kids. So that was better. I will do some bullet points about my thoughts instead.

  • I liked writing, which I’ve always known. It was helpful to have a “I want to post every day for this month” as motivation.
  • I will continue to blog  regularly, but not daily. I think I am going to stick with 3 times per week. I’m going to create a “Posting Schedule.”
  •  I recognize that some of my posts this month utterly SUCKED. Those were the ones that I wrote in bed, on my phone after 11pm.
  • I’m going to include more photos. I like seeing those on other people’s posts, so I should include them too.

Thanks for following along!

Fun Things I want to Remember: Catching Fire Edition

The Hunger Games (film)

The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macy has been bugging me about taking her to the midnight showing of  Hunger Games: Catching Fire for MONTHS. I was very hesitant to commit because, hello??? School Night. But, her 1st quarter report card was so spectacular (5= As, 3= A+s, 8=Outstandings), as Scott so gently suggested, she deserves some trust and fun when it comes to these things. Plus, our local theater having an 8 pm showing made the choice to go quite a bit easier. Then, of course, Owen was begging to go, and his report card was better than we expected, so I bought 3 tickets Monday night for tonight’s 8 pm movie.

And I was excited to take them… until about 3 pm today. It was then a wave of stress and doubt: When will we eat dinner? What time do we have to line up outside? What if it rains? What about nursing Gemma? They don’t want to go with me. I don’t deserve to have fun. I have too much to do. Blah, blah, blah. It was bad. I was a mess and mean to Scott who was only trying to make it happen for all of us. I’m so lucky he talked me down lovingly and firmly insisted I go through with the night.

So we went to the theater and got in line at 5:15. Scott went to In-n-Out and brought us dinner. We all ate outside together. Macy read her book. Scott and Owen threw the baseball around. Gemma walked around and tried to eat the tape making the line up lines. I nursed Gemma in the car. Scott went and got me a Pumpkin Spice Latte and the kids Steamers. We said good bye to Scott, Easton, and Gemma. We got terrific seats in the theater. We saw the most HILARIOUS local ad run before the previews that I tried to get a picture of. I saw a preview for Divergent that made me want to read the book IMMEDIATELY. The movie was great! Owen held my hand when I was freaking out from the scary MONKEYS (AHH)!! Owen leaned against me for a lot of the movie. We got out of the CRAZY CROWDED parking lot pretty quickly. (Hey, Cinema City, here’s an idea: Stagger the start times of the 13 showings by just 5 minutes so not everyone is trying to leave at the same time.) Macy LOVED the movie and was on this Happy Nerd High that she gets on when one of her beloved books is properly treated in film form. And the most fun was when Owen and I randomly broke out into a simultaneous Muppets Mahna Mahna sing-a-long, much to Macy’s irritation!

So glad I went. I want to make more memories with my kids like this one. I want to have more fun with them. I want them to remember The Fun.

Feel Good Movies

I have always liked movies. A lot. But after each baby was born, I’ve seen less and less of them. That’s life, I guess. Totally understandable. I miss being able to see movies, but it is not the end of the world. I see a commercial for a movies I’d like to see and just know that I will not be seeing it in the theater. So I move on.

Today, the older kids wanted to see “Ender’s Game”. It was not really a movie I WANTED to see, but I planned on enjoying it with them. When I was looking at the times it was playing, I noticed it was playing at the same time as “About Time.” Now that was a movie that I REALLY wanted to see, but just resigned myself to not seeing. I mentioned it to Scott and he encouraged me to see it while the kids saw “Ender’s Game” by themselves. I shrugged him off because that was a crazy idea! The 13 and 10 year old watching a movie by themselves– No WAY! That’s not allowed. Is it? The movie was PG-13, Macy is 13, but Owen is only 10. Who would check? Who would question me or them? Nah, I can’t do it. But Scott continued to talk me into it and the kids were VERY excited about the possibility. And I did REALLY want to see my movie. So I allowed myself to think it was possible. Me, in a movie theater, by myself. Wow, just wow. That would be heaven. So I decided it was to be. And it was fantastic!

Now the movie was great. At least one of my top 5 movies ever, if not my favorite movie ever. But it got me thinking about why I liked it so much, because, duh, that’s what I like to use my blog for, exploring the whys of my life.

Normally, if someone asked me what type of movies I liked, I couldn’t really explain it. It was easier to explain what I didn’t like: horror, suspense, blood and gore. I enjoy lots of types of movies: crime/mystery, comedy, Rom-com, Sci-Fi and drama. But my favorite? I didn’t really know how to classify it. Until tonight. But this movie was it. A Rom-com Sci-fi with a carpe diem message. Kind of specific? Yes. Kind of perfect for me? Totally. I walked out of this movie feeling so good. Better than I’ve felt in a long time. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a movie. In fact, this is where I am setting my movie bar: makes me feel AWESOME. I wish they could all do this, I would definitely see more movies!!

(I think I need to try to systematically come up with my list of favorite movies for a blog post. I bet a lot of them have similar qualities. I am going to try to do that this month.)